Pat Pat Noodles - Healthy Ramen Noodles For Dogs!

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Pat Pat Noodles is the worlds first healthy ramen noodle option tailored just for dogs. Our noodles forgo the use of flour and opt for a drying process rather than frying. Infused with protein sourced from cod, these noodles not only deliver essential amino acids and collagen but also promote optimal health benefits for your canine companion.

Includes Probiotics!

Pat Pat Noodles go the extra mile by incorporating probiotics, specifically Lactobacillus Plantarum, aimed at enhancing canine intestinal health. In addition to this, our carefully curated blend includes vegetables, catering to the needs of senior dogs. The soft-to-chew noodles and nutritious soup make for an ideal combination, ensuring a delightful and healthful dining experience for your furry friend.


  • The protein in instant ramen comes from dried pollack, which is a type of cod that also gives you amino acids and collagen.
  • It helps your stomach because it has live lactic acid bacteria (Lactobacillus Plantarum).
  • Vegetables (human-grade ingredients) are also added to the mix.
  • The noodles are especially good for older dogs because they are soft and healthy.
  • Barley is a dietary fiber
  • Collagen is good for bone growth and skin (coat)

Recommend one pack of noodles per dog per week. Easy to prepare and dogs LOVE them!